How safe is our pest control treatment?
All pesticides that we use have been approved by APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority), meaning that they have gone through very strict tests to make sure they are safe for urban use by professional pest controller. Even though the pesticides are relatively safe, we still recommends avoiding direct contact with wet pesticides, therefore vacating the premise during the treatment and two hours after that is still a very good practice.
What kind of preparation should I do before the pest control treatment?
  • General tidy up around the house would make the movement of our technician better and also reduce the risk of injury and damage to the property.
  • Whenever practical, move things away from indoor walls.
  • Remove items that are not supposed to be sprayed from outdoor to indoor, for example: clothes on the line, shoes, etc.
  • Cover fish ponds.
  • Cover outdoor edible plants.
  • Close all windows but open the shutters if you have one.
What pest are targeted in general pest control?
General pest control targets the most common creepy crawly in our home: ants, common cockroaches, and spiders. German cockroach is not included in general pest control but we can control them using a special treatment.
When is the best time to do pest control treatment?
Indoor pest control treatment (e.g. pantry moth treatment, german cockroach treatment) can be done anytime.
For general pest control treatment we recommend dry weather during the spray and 2 hours after that and temperature below 35 degrees in Celsius.
As for season, the best season for doing the treatment would be Spring. Most insects come out from their hibernation in Spring then starts mating and multiplying, and some of them will come inside your house. By doing general pest control in Spring you will protect your house even before they come inside your house, therefore you get the best value.

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