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Cockroach ControlCockroaches are probably carriers of a number of debilitating diseases including salmonellosis, dysentery, typhoid, hepatitis and tuberculosis. A certain aura of disgust which surrounds cockroaches – arising from their invasive qualities, their distinctive odour and their perceived association with poor standards of hygiene. Our technicians in Glen Waverley, Mount Waverley & nearby suburbs can help you with cockroach control. Contact us today for all pest control services.

A cockroach can reproduce very quickly, growing from egg to reproductive adult in approximately 50 days and the female can carry an egg sac which contains up to 50 eggs. They can hide within small cracks and crevices that are easy to overlook. (e.g. microwaves, fridge compressor).

Have you ever wondered where cockroaches come from despite having tidy surfaces in your home? Relax, here we explain the genesis of cockroaches in your home, and how you can control them.

Cockroaches are insects that comprise of more than 4600 species of which 30 of the species are associated with human habitats.


Our homes can provide ideal thriving conditions for cockroaches. The requirement for cockroaches to breed and grow includes food, warmth, moisture, and shelter.

Here are some control measures:

Sealing the cracks: cracks and hidden spaces act as a breeding point where cockroaches lay their eggs and further their reproduction. It is necessary to seal such crevices and cracks using materials required to prevent further reproduction.

Clean food materials. Cockroaches love to nest in the kitchen where they can have access to food and water. You should clean the food particles and drinks that have spilt over immediately and leave the surface as clean as possible. This will deny the cockroaches something to eat hence starving them to death.

Seal the broken water pipes: cockroaches need water for their survival, and it is necessary to seal all the broken ducts that may be dripping water. Furthermore, they are attracted to damp and places that have a lot of moisture. Thus, apart from sealing the broken pipes, it is advisable to drain the stagnant liquid around your home.

Empty the bin frequently. Dustbin also acts as a medium that harbour cockroaches and even where they can get something to eat. You should drain the container more regularly to avoid providing a pleasant atmosphere where breeding can take place.

Trapping. Trapping is done using sticky traps that catch the cockroaches thus hindering their movements hence starving to death. The traps contain a food or pheromone attraction to entice the cockroaches on the sticky board. These traps should be kept in a place where cockroach runs regularly.

Cockroaches can be very embarrassing and are vital to eliminate them before they become an embarrassment to you. Cockroach control prevents them from further reproduction, and this can be achieved by following the above-highlighted step. Contact our professionals if you are in Glen Waverley, Mount Waverley & nearby suburbs.

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