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Termite Treatment in Melbourne

termite treatment Glen WaverleyTermites are tiny creatures which are useful to the environment due to their ability to break down dead trees or rotten wood, assisting with the production of manure for plants. However, when they invade your home, you can incur millions of dollars from the damage they can cause. If you’re in need of termite control in Melbourne, Positive Pest Solutions in Glen Waverley, Mount Waverley and nearby suburbs guarantees total protection from termites and extermination of any colonies that may have already formed.

Termite Inspection

To prevent massive damages and repair costs, annual termite inspections in Melbourne are recommended. By doing so, termites are detected early enough to keep damage to a minimum and make termite control services in Melbourne easier and more affordable.

A termite inspection assesses conditions that could increase the chances of termite infestation and the possible methods of minimising the risk of termite attacks.

Termite Control

To protect your structure from termite damage, the following methods of termite control in Melbourne can be of great help:

  • Termites monitoring – Unobstructive bait for termite stations is placed around your property perimeter wall to detect any termite activity.
  • Chemical termite barrier – A chemical in the form of a liquid is applied to the soil mostly under the concrete floor or even around the building’s perimeter wall. It is effective regardless of the stage of your building’s life.
  • Physical termite barriers – This termite treatment in Melbourne is designed in such a way that it prevents termites from entering your structure, instead forcing them out where they can be easily detected.
  • Reticulation system – This method of termite protection in Melbourne involves the use of underground pipes, which form a very extensive network that distributes a chemical all over the foundation of a building to keeps termites away.

More Tips for Preventing Termites

You can help to keep termites away and minimise the termite treatment cost in Melbourne by:

  • Repairing leaking pipes and taps
  • Making sure that subfloor vents are always open
  • Diverting hot water from the side of the house
  • Using timber that is termite treated for any construction.

Termite inspections in Melbourne should be an annual activity in normal circumstances, but it may be necessary more than once a year depending on the susceptibility of your structures to be infested by pests. Termite pest control and inspection measures from reputable professionals such as Positive Pest Solutions can save you from the great damage termites can cause. To learn more or book our termite control services in Melbourne, call us today on 0413 397 270.

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