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When it comes to keeping your home a safe place for your loved ones, there are several things that you must do on a regular basis. One among them is to have routine pest inspection performed in your home. After all, pest infestations are undesirable for various reasons and should be exterminated as soon as you notice it.

Let Us Help You!

Positive Pest Solutions is committed to providing pest control services to the households and businesses across Melbourne. With the expertise to deliver the most effective treatments, we can provide practical solutions to all your pest problems. Our pest control team will assess your requirements and offer the most flexible treatments with quality workmanship and exceptional customer care. 

Why Should You Pay Immediate Attention To Pest Infestations?

Pests infestations can leave you and your loved ones exposed to numerous hazards, so it is highly recommended to seek the help of our pest control team if you suspect the presence of unwanted guests in your home.

  • Pests carry transferable diseases
  • Pests spread bacteria that cause food poisoning
  • Pests cause unpleasant odours
  • Pests leave piles of droppings around your home
  • Pests eat away your food
  • Pests can damage your property
  • Some pests bite or cause painful stings

Why Positive Pest Solutions?

At Positive Pest Solutions, we customise a treatment plan to your specific pest problem. Our pest control team inspects your home or business to identify the offending pests and their point of entry. Depending upon the severity of the problem, we use pest control products that are effective on the pests and safe on the environment. With us, you can feel confident that we will resolve your pest issues while leaving you unharmed.

What Kind Of Services Do We Provide?

If you find yourself sharing your Melbourne home with unwanted guests such as termites, rodents, roaches or wasps, call us at 0413397270 for a quick, effective solution. Let us locate, control, eliminate and repel the pests that are posing serious risks to your health and safety.

Some of Our Commercial Clients

Wonton House

What Our Customers Are Saying

Ken Yi Fong

Herman was very understanding of our needs. He was very accommodating of our schedule, was easy to work with and friendly. He took the time to explain what was involved in the treatment process and why he was recommending the solution. The level of service was exceptional and he completed the task in a timely and professional manner. I would highly recommend his services and would gladly use him again.

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