Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Termites Company

Many people assume that household products will remove pests from their property. The truth is that termites can be unpleasant pests that require termite control services from a professional company to remove them. These crafty creatures usually remain inside the walls of your home, within cavities or even under floors. Rarely visible to the naked eye, termites have their feeding frenzies out of sight without you knowing, destroying your home slowly.

As they’re hard to locate, a specific type of thermal technology and expertise is required to protect your property from termites. Here are the top benefits of hiring professional termite control in Melbourne.

1. Professional Experts

A professional termites company will understand the behaviour of termites, having had to deal with them on a daily basis. By engaging qualified and experienced experts who have the knowledge and capabilities to locate and remove termites with little fuss, you can save money that would instead be spent on ineffective supermarket products.

Termites are clever pests as they ensure that their feeding area isn’t close to where they breed. They also exist in large numbers, so it’s impossible to remove an entire colony by killing just a few. Be sure not to waste your time trying to eradicate termites yourself and look to find a professional that will ensure your termite infestation is gone for good.

2. Proper Resources And Equipment

Access to resources that enable a quality, speedy and effective treatment, allow a professional to be able to penetrate treatment products into narrow and tight spaces. To ensure a technician minimises their visits as much as possible, it’s vital to have quality equipment and products.

Termites are hard to locate, so it’s required to use thermal technology to investigate without creating holes in the walls or ceilings. This non-invasive method of detection ensures that your home or business isn’t exposed to decomposing termites, while not creating cause for repairs to your home or business. Commercial grade products are not only powerful but provide long-term results.

3. Not Enough To Just Clean

It’s often assumed a messy house will lead to termite infestation but this isn’t always the case. Many professionals encourage you to clean your property and remove rotten wood, ventilate all spaces, as well as fix any leaking pipes or gutters. Termites, however, can still exist even after you have done this.

By acquiring the services of a professional, you needn’t worry about the removal of termites as they will treat your entire property.

4. Remove All Pests

The presence of one pest will usually indicate that other pests may be present too. A professional termites company will have the means to be able to treat your property and get rid of other pests too.

There are signs of invasion that an untrained person will not be able to easily detect or simply may not know about. Professionals will be aware of these instances and are skilled on how to quickly identify your pest problem. A benefit of having one pest professional to remove termites is that they can also remove other pests that you may have.


7 Questions To Ask A Termite Inspector

1. What Attracts Termites?

Termites are usually attracted to moist areas, cellulose materials and areas of the property that are close to soil. Although every property is different, a professional termite inspector will still be able to identify the source of the breeding and help you to understand the root cause of infestation.

2. Are Termites Harmful?

Termites don’t necessarily carry diseases, but if they are present in your property, they could spark an allergic reaction if you come into contact with them. It’s important to also be wary of any bites and stings. It’s vital that your termite inspector deals with the problem in a timely manner to prevent any harm to you and your loved ones.

3. Why Did Termites Come Here?

Termites will breed at a property for a number of reasons. They could have already infested your property before you moved in, or arrived from a neighbouring building or from other materials or plants. A professional should be able to identify the root cause and handle it accordingly.

4. Do Termites Naturally Go Away?

It’s unlikely that termites will go away naturally because they need to eat to be able to survive. Termites will breed more termites as they feed on your property and slowly but surely destroy it. Be sure to have your termite inspector treat your property early before the problem escalates.

5. Which Materials Are Termite Proof?

It’s a great idea to ask your termite inspector whether you could make any modifications to your property that could help you avoid the risk of a termite infestation. Your termite inspector should be able to make recommendations based on the condition of your property and the materials used to construct it.

6. Will Supermarket Products Work?

Supermarket products may provide short-term relief but termites are persistent and are likely to breed and feed at places that have not been treated. Termite inspectors will use commercial grade tools and products that ensure the eradication of termites in your property for the long-term.

7. Can You Treat My Property For Termites?

If you’ve engaged a qualified termite inspector, with years of experience, they should be equipped with the required tools and products, to treat various types of properties, no matter how big or small.

Positive Pest Solutions are proud to provide a wide range of services that include termite inspection in Melbourne and termite treatment in Melbourne. Get in touch with our friendly and reliable team today to find out more about our full range of professional services in termite protection in Melbourne.

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