Dangers & Health Threats of Rats & Rodents in Your Home And Business

Rats & rodents are major pests throughout Melbourne for many homes and businesses. It’s important to take great care and pay attention if you are faced with a rat infestation.

Anyone can suffer from an infestation of rats. There is an even higher chance of it occurring with winter on its way, as rodents seek shelter from the cold.

There are various serious dangers and health hazards that come with these common pests. It’s vital that if you are experiencing a rodent problem, to call your local pest control professionals before it escalates and gets out of hand.

Identifying Rodents

Damp, dark spaces around the home and areas that are rarely attended to can often be hotspots for pests. Mice and rats for example, could be residing in the attic, garage, laundry room, as well as basements. These areas are the perfect breeding ground for rodents, making them one of the first places you should clean and check for infestation.

The kitchen on the other hand, is a place we do actually visit on a daily basis but also where rats and rodents tend to get their snack on. The kitchen provides plenty of cracks and gaps that allow creatures to hideaway, as well as feast on wasted food.

Rodents are notorious for nibbling on almost anything, whether it’s food, wood or clothes, they are also highly adept at chewing through electric wiring. This is a huge worry as this can greatly increase the chance of an electric fire.

Rodents will usually crawl into homes through gutters and sewers, making them often draped in germs, fleas, ticks and other parasites. Besides sinking their gnashers on almost anything, rats are also known to urinate on everything, including food. This means absolutely anyone can be infected by coming in close contact with a rodent.

Rodent Facts

Rodents travel in packs. Meaning that if you’ve seen one in your home, there’s a high likelihood that an entire family of rodents is hiding somewhere. What’s more, rats reproduce at a rapid rate, with an average rat producing up to 12-13 young every few weeks.

Rodents are extremely agile and can enter any structure through the smallest of openings or gaps. Think of the size of a coin, and that’s how small of a gap a rodent can easily pass through. Their ability to climb also makes plenty of areas comfortable for them to reach and breed in.

As rodents get older and continue to develop and grow, their incisors also get larger, making chewing through wires, cables and small gaps even easier.

Diseases Spread by Rodents

Rodents can transmit several diseases. It’s vital not to underestimate the dangers and health threats of rats and rodents, as they can not only directly transmit diseases but also able to carry anything transmitted by parasites such as ticks and flies.

The diseases known to be spread by rodents include; Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis, Rat-bite Fever, Salmonellosis and Tularemia.

Dangers & Health Hazards

Rodent droppings are a particularly dangerous by-product of having a rat infestation in your home. If you see a rat that isn’t your pet, then the wild rat will most likely be a triple-D threat. This means that they’re dirty, damaging and disease-ridden.

Ever since the black plague, the fear of disease spread by rodents has been a widespread and well-known fact, which is why coming across rodent droppings can be just as dangerous as having physical contact with them.

These are the dangers & health threats of rats & rodents in your home and business.

  • Food Contamination

Your kitchen or pantry makes for a highly attractive food supply. Rats and mice are known to chew through whatever’s necessary in order to reach sustenance. Usually, they’ll find a way to gnaw through the wood of your kitchen and cupboards without you knowing.

This damage can start way before you’ve even realised that you have an infestation in your home or business. Once inside, rats and mice will use this area as a buffet and chew through boxes and bags of food.

Any food that has been touched or eaten by these pests must always be thrown away as contamination will have definitely occurred.

  • Chewed Wires

Electrical wires can be found everywhere in offices and homes. These wires are a safety hazard if they have been damaged in any way.

Outer casing helps to keep these wires safe however, rodents are capable of chewing through wires and everything else in the search of food or a breeding ground.

The exposure of these wires can lead to severe disruptions to your equipment – or even worse – a fire.

What’s more, your smoke and security alarm equipment around the home or office could be damaged – presenting real and tangible dangers to your family and home.

  • They Also Enter Vehicles

The main concern for rodents is having them in your home. When it’s cold outside however, rodents that struggle to get into your home or office, will instead find it easier to chew their way into your garage and into your vehicle.

A warm place to stay is commonly the area underneath the bonnet of your car. Car engines can stay warm for a while, making it an ideal place for rodents to be attracted to.

Your car can be a great place to chew through materials and build a nest. If a rat has infested your vehicle, your car wiring is often damaged and – similar to your home and office – is a dangerous fire hazard.

  • They Destroy Homes & Businesses

A rodent infestation is a huge conundrum for many homeowners and landlords. They will eat your food, leave droppings and spread dangerous diseases. Rodents are also nocturnal, meaning that they’ll often run around when everyone’s asleep or not present.

Rodents can ultimately cause fires within your home and it’s not difficult to tell if you do have a rodent problem. Their ability to chew through almost anything means that if given enough time, they are capable of causing long lasting permanent damage to your home.

For businesses with a rat infestation, it can be a huge reputational risk if they are found to be living within your building. No one wants to shop or dine in a store where rats could possibly be breeding.

A single rat can rapidly become a health violation, which could lead to fines and even the possibility of a shutdown of your business.

Any pantries or store rooms where grocery items are involved, could increase the chances of rats feasting on a wide range of foods at night when the store is closed. Chewed electrical wires in your office building can be a dangerous prospect for all employees.

How to Stay Safe And Protect Yourself

When it comes to a rat and rodent problem, it’s important to act swiftly, safely and responsibly to get rid of them.

If you have a rodent infestation and need to clean up any droppings, it’s always a good idea to air out the room and wear a face mask to prevent you from breathing any dust particles that could be contaminated.

Be sure to always side with caution when protecting yourself from rats and rodents and call in professional pest control services to help you get rid of them.

If you’re looking for professional rat and rodent control in Melbourne, Positive Pest Solutions are proud to provide a wide range of services that includes rodent removal in Melbourne and rat control services in Melbourne.

Get in touch with our friendly and reliable team today to find out more about our full range of professional services in rodent control in Melbourne and to arrange a free onsite quote.

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